An Evening at the Marin Headlands... and Beyond!

Yesterday I decided to venture out to the Pier in Berkeley for a few mid-day snapshots, and then make my way over to the Pacific Ocean to catch the sunset over Rodeo Beach in the Marin Headlands. 
Oh, was it an adventure! 
First - I forgot my handy tripod. I know... how can a Photographer forget their tripod?! Well.. I did. So, I stopped by a Target on the way off the highway in Richmond and picked up the only one they had available. It was made of cheap plastic and really enjoyed trying to fly away in the wind while I was doing my long exposure photographs. I eventually conquered it like a boss.
So, what else could go wrong?
Upon arriving in Berkeley, I reached into the back seat and realized I had forgot my hoodie!  I guess I just decided to make my life difficult that day.  Good news? I had a towel back there and I tied it up with my hair tie and used it like a jacket. Yep, I walked around looking like a complete fashion failure, but at least I was warm! 
After finding my way through the winding roads north of the Golden Gate Bridge to Rodeo Beach, I had about an hour and a half until sunset.  I parked at the beach, busted out my towel jacket, and hiked about 15 minutes along the water to my final destination. I took some daytime long exposure shots to get that surreal water-in-motion effect.  These shots tend to have a great amount of color and contrast and are some of my favorite styles of images. 
About 20 minutes before sunset, a group (literally 25+ people) showed up at the location I had scouted and claimed as my own the hour previous. It was a camera crew filming a documentary about a marine biologist. They literally set up their equipment in the middle of my shot, right in front of me... without saying a word.  If you know me well, you know I don't take well to being messed with, so I had some very 'kind' words to say to the crew. The manager of the crew came over and immediately apologized for his rude staff, and I got my shot set back up.  Little did they know that they had just avoided the wrath of the Brittney. ;) 
On the way out of the Headlands, you are treated to sweeping views of the Golden Gate Bridge, so I took an opportunity to take a quick image of the view after sunset.  
I'm including my favorite images below from my adventure yesterday, I hope they inspire you to enjoy the beauty around you just a little bit more. 
 (P.S. I named the seagull Frodo. Yep, Frodo. Stop laughing. )